Letsure Policy Documents

Letsure Policy Documents

The section of the Letsure website is to give you easy access to all of the policy documents available. If you require further assistance please call Letsure on 0800 035 8242.

The policy wording is a legal contract between you and the insurer; we would urge you to read the policy document prior to purchasing cover to ensure that it meets your requirements

Please note that having a policy document does not mean that you have any cover with us. You still need to provide your details and pay for cover to be valid.

Landlords Household Policy Wordings

Rent & Legal Protection Claims Guidance

Rent & Legal Protection Claims Form

Rentsure Silver Protection

Rentsure Rapid and Complete

Holiday Homes Insurance

Professional Indemnity

Initial Disclosure Document (IDD)

It is a regulatory requirement to provide customers with a copy of the Initial Disclosure document.